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replacing gutters when replacing roof

Q&A – Replacing Gutters When Replacing Roof

When faced with replacing his roof, this Colorado resident wanted to know if he should also have his gutters replaced. Bob, a homeowner in Colorado, wanted to know if it was a good idea to have his gutters replaced when his roof was getting replaced, asking: When replacing a roof, ...

snow accumulation gable drainage

Q&A – Will a Cricket Solve my Gable Drainage Issues?

Realizing that the extended roof line was causing snow accumulation and drainage issues, this California homeowner reached out for answers. Scott from California is wondering if installing a cricket will help remedy the gable drainage issues on his roof or cause more issues. He reached out asking: Hello there! We’re ...

overlay vs tear out

Q&A – Pros and Cons of Overlay Versus Tear Off

This Washingtonian consulted the experts to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a roof overlay versus a tear off. Sheri, a homeowner in Washington state, had this question for our roofing experts: What are the pros and cons of doing an overlay verses a tear out? (Besides the obvious savings ...

Absolute Construction Daniel Askari

Contractor Insights: Daniel Askari, Absolute Construction

Get answers to your roofing questions from an experienced roofer. If you’re a homeowner on this website, you have roofing questions. Who better to answer than experienced roofers? Our “Contractor Insights” feature brings you down-to-earth responses to key areas of roofing every homeowner should know. This month we’re featuring Daniel ...

Q&A How Many Shingle Layers

Q&A – How Many Layers of Shingles on my Roof?

A Washington homeowner wanted a roofing expert to help clarify how many layers of shingles are on his roof. Erik, a homeowner in Washington, shared an image of his roof (see above) and wanted another expert’s opinion on how many layers of shingles his roof has. How many layers of ...

DaVinci Q&A with Snow Expert

Q&A With the Snow Guard Expert

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Here’s what this expert has to say about his experience manufacturing snow retention systems. Out of the four manufacturers of snow retention systems in the USA, Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc. is the only company who solely focuses on snow retention. At DaVinci Roofscapes, we’re proud to ...

Q&A Skylight Properly Sealed?

Q&A – Is the Skylight Properly Sealed?

Suzanne is getting ready to buy a home with a skylight and wanted to know how to tell if it’s properly sealed off. Purchasing a home with a skylight in the roof, Suzanne from Florida had a variety of questions regarding the skylight and how to tell if it’s properly ...

Go Roof Tune Up Underlayment

Q&A – Tough Skin Underlayment 20 Rated

A North Carolina homeowner wanted information and recommendations for an underlayment. Ellwood from North Carolina had the following question regarding the cost and rating of a specific underlayment: How is Tough Skin Underlayment 20 by OX rated and what does it cost? Do you recommend something better? Our resident expert ...

Charles Antis Existing Gutters

Q&A – Do Roofers Adjust Existing Gutters?

This homeowner was curious if roofing contractors are responsible for adjusting gutters on a new roof, so she asked the experts. Maureen from California had this question regarding adjustments to existing gutters when having her home reroofed: When replacing a roof, is it the roofer's responsibility to adjust the existing ...

RCS Flue Pipe

Q&A – Where Does the Flue Pipe Cap Go?

A Florida homeowner wanted to confirm the placement of his newly installed furnace flue pipe cap. A homeowner in Florida, Robert J., had this question about a newly installed furnace flue pipe cap: Recently I had a new furnace flue pipe cap put on. It goes inside the pipe ...

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